While podcasting, writing, and speaking about modern HR practices is my hobby - my core business is Amplify. 

Amplify is a growth catalyst for 21st Century HR. We help progressive people leaders and companies navigate the future of work through strategic consulting, HR executive search services, and an new community of modern people executives.

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Lars Schmidt, Founder

Lars is the Host of the 21st Century HR Podcast and Founder of Amplify. He’s spent 20 years in HR and Recruiting, co-founding innovation accelerating initiatives like HR Open Source (HROS.co) and building talent strategies for a broad range of companies and industries. Lars is a writer with regular columns in Fast Company and Forbes, co-author of Employer Branding for Dummies (Wiley, 2017), and global speaker. Disclosures: I advise Clinch, RolePoint, ConveyIQ.