ep15 How To Build A People Analytics Function

This episode is based on a Fast Company story David and Lars co-authored on people analytics. It was recorded onsite during the Unleash conference in Las Vegas. In this episode, you'll learn what drew David to the field of people analytics, how to get started building a people analytics function, most common mistakes, success stories, and the importance of ethics in people analytics.

Ep14 Goodbye Job Descriptions, Hello Impact Descriptions

Lever G&A Recruiter, Caitlyn Metteer, shares the origin story behind why they ditched job descriptions in favor of impact descriptions - breaking down what new hires will experience in their first 1, 3, 6, 12 months in the job.

ep13 - how to onboard your new chro

The higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the more responsibility you have and the less time to assimilate into each new role. And short of the CEO, nobody feels the pressure more acutely than the executives charged with leading the people team. This episode is based on a Fast Company article I wrote earlier this year where I interviewed over a dozen leading CHRO's to get their tips on how to build an onboarding program to set yourself up for success. You can read the original post here: https://www.fastcompany.com/90283082/how-to-build-a-killer-100-day-executive-onboarding-plan

Ep12 - From Ground Zero To Unicorn

Scaling a startup is hard. Scaling to unicorn status from series A stage is harder. Ambrosia Vertesi, former head of people for Hootsuite and Duo Security, shares her lessons learned scaling people teams and infrastructure across two unicorns in this episode.

ep11 - have we outgrown the term “human resources”?

From People Ops and Talent & Culture, the field of Human Resources is growing beyond traditional definitions, and capabilities, of the field.

ep10 - overcoming the busy trap

We've reached peak "hustle" and wear "busy" like a badge of honor. It's time to break that cycle.

ep9 - how to build a recruiting process built to scale

In this episode, Lars explores the foundation needed to build a recruiting process that can scale. This episode is based on the Forbes article here.

ep8 - Inside Greenhouse’s Workplace Intelligence Report

In this episode, Lars breaks down key takeaways from the Greenhouse Workplace Intelligence Report. You can view the full report here.

ep7 - The hidden costs of business travel

In this episode, Lars shares his thoughts on the aspects of business travel and conference speaking you don't see when you 'like' that photo on LinkedIn.

ep6 - inside linkedin’s gender diversity report

In this episode, Lars breaks down key insights and takeaways from the new LinkedIn Gender Insights Report. You can view the full report at business.linkedin.com/talent-solutio…alance-report#

Ep 5 - Cool Tools with Craig Fisher

In this episode, Lars sits down with Allegis Global Solutions Head of Marketing, Craig Fisher, on-site at SmartRecruiters Hiring Success Conference to discuss cool recruiting tools, Hiring Success' startup competition (Congrats on the big win, Candidate ID), video in recruiting, and the most sporadic podcast in the history of audio (link below).


Ep4 - The End Of Culture Fit

In this episode, Lars welcomes Dashlane Chief People Officer Ciara Lakhani to discuss the term "culture fit", building inclusive companies, and why startups struggle with diversity.

Read the Forbes article, The End of Culture Fit, here.

Ep3 - Behind The Podcast, 21st Century HR Soundtrack

This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at how the 21st Century HR soundtrack came together. "Dragon" is an original track produced by Silver Lining out of Shanghai. silverlining is an electronic music duo based in Shanghai, China.

They are part live performance, part DJ set. East meets West, ancient meets modern. Learn more and check out additional tracks at: www.silverliningmusic.cn/ 

EP2 - How To Write A Job Posting People Actually Want To Apply To

Let's face it - most job descriptions suck. This podcast, based on a Fast Company article, provides tips on how to make them better. View the original article here.

Ep1 - Technology Alone Won’t Solve Your Diversity Problems

21st Century HR Podcast host, Lars Schmidt, breaks down the recent Fast Company article, "Technology Alone Won't Solve Your Company's Diversity Problems. Read the article here.

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